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About us


Biznie, LLC is an Arizona company founded in 2016 that conducts online business by selling its own downloadable business eBooks.


At Biznie, we are passionate about the business world. Our mission is to share critical business topics in our eBooks and tell business students, business executives, entrepreneurs, and international business executives how taking action on such topics can benefit them.


  • The name of our company is the combination of the words “biz” (an abbreviation for the word “business”) and “nie” (which is part of the word “genie”).
  • The color of our logo is inspired by the color YInMn Blue (for yttrium, indium, and manganese), which was discovered by accident and first commercialized in 2016, close to our foundation day.
  • In our eBooks, you will find the colors blue, green, yellow, and orange. Blue is associated with business students and represents their dependability and strength. Green is associated with business executives and represents their hopefulness and growth mentality. Yellow is associated with entrepreneurs and represents their optimism and creativity. Orange is associated with international business executives and represents their confidence and friendliness.
  • The name of our mascot, which is also part of our logo, is Biznie and he is a genie. Biznie, as you may have noticed by his tailored suit, is very elegant and loves to dress for success.


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3219 East Camelback Road Suite 820 Phoenix, Arizona 85018